​Below is a look at some frequently asked questions you may have about the Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) ​Oncology Program.


What will the AYA Program do for me?

The AYA Program provides personalized, supportive care to Princess Margaret patients age 39 and younger. The goals of the AYA Program are to:

  1. Identify your individual needs
  2. Provide coping support
  3. Link you to other community and hospital services and resources

Learn more about how the AYA Program can help you »

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What happens during a consultation with the AYA Program?

The first person you meet is a Clinical Nurse Specialist who is a nurse with expertise in the care of young adults with cancer. The Clinical Nurse Specialist will ask you to complete the AYA questionnaire that asks about any needs you may have during your cancer journey.

Some of the questions ask about school/work, fertility, sexual health, coping, nutrition and exercise. The answers you provide on this questionnaire will help the AYA team develop a care plan to address your concerns.

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I was asked to join the AYA Program email list. What does this mean?

By joining this list you will be able to communicate with the AYA team through email about any questions or concerns you may have.

The AYA Program also distributes a monthly e-newsletter that provides an update on young adult cancer events that are taking place either at the hospital or in the community. You may also be invited to provide feedback on the program or participate in AYA research studies at Princess Margaret. If you would like to subscribe to our email list, email aya-program-subscribe@uhnresearch.ca. You will receive an email that will prompt you to confirm your subscription.

The AYA Program also has Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter pages that we also welcome you to follow.

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Do you offer AYA support groups at Princess Margaret?

The AYA Program at Princess Margaret offers regular events that will provide you with the opportunity to meet others in the young adult cancer community at this hospital.

We also offer an adolescent and young adult cancer meet-up group that meets once a month. Find out more about the Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Meet-Up »​

The AYA Program can also provide you with information on young adult cancer meet-up groups in the community that have a close partnership with our program. Check out our Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter pages for pictures from past events.

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What are some specialized services provided by the AYA Program?

An example of a specialized service is providing information around fertility risk and preservation options, as well as other areas of concern among young adults with cancer. When you are making an appointment with the AYA Program, please inform our administrative assistant that you are interested in learning more. The AYA Program can then ensure that your consultation is booked as soon as possible. Once you have met with the AYA Clinical Nurse Specialist, an urgent referral will be made to a fertility clinic. You will be contacted by the fertility clinic either the same day or the following work day to set up an appointment.

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I am unable to attend my appointment with the AYA Program. How do I rebook this?

We understand that our patients often have to change their appointment. In order to do this, please call our AYA Program telephone line at 416 946 4501 ext. 5579 and press #1 to speak with our administrative assistant. She can help to find an appointment time that is better for your schedule. You may also email us at aya@uhn.ca

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Last reviewed: 10/18/2018
Last modified: 1/7/2019 11:40 AM