Program Vision: To engage and unite Young Leaders at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to bring innovation and change, transforming The Princess Margaret into the cancer centre of the future.

The program has 3 goals:

  1. Develop leadership competencies through education
  2. Facilitate networking and collaboration
  3. Inspire initiative for change

Leadership Competencies

Young Leaders have access to online and classroom-based education through Cancer Campus, Princess Margaret's online learning hub. The Young Leaders education program includes:

  • Access to six eLearning modules: Leading Change, Leading Effective Meetings, Introduction to Project Management, Healthcare Finance Basics, Negotiations, and Conflict Management.
  • Registration for attending intensive classroom-based sessions to explore topics in leadership
  • Links to recommended multimedia resources from leaders and peers
  • Opportunity to earn a certificate of participation

Networking and Collaboration

Invited to participate in several networking opportunities, Young Leaders connect with senior leaders and each other outside of the pressures of work hours. These networking opportunities include:

  • Monthly breakfasts and coffees hosted by Mary Gospodarowicz and Marnie Escaf to discuss topics in leadership and cancer
  • Invitation to special Insights to Discovery™ sessions to dive deeper into self-awareness and personal communication styles
  • Team building and social events

Initiative for Change

Most importantly, members of the Young Leaders program are encouraged to seize opportunities for improving Princess Margaret and making it a workplace of choice and the provider of the best cancer care. Young Leaders are engaged, activated stakeholders who contribute to change, incrementally or in leaps and bounds, to transform Princess Margaret into the cancer centre of the future.

Last reviewed: 3/5/2020
Last modified: 3/6/2020 5:39 AM