The Cancer Education Summer Student Learning Series aims to equip the future generation of cancer care professionals by providing students early in their careers with an intensive exposure to important topics in cancer care. Summer students in the cancer program have the opportunity to learn about and discuss diverse topics not typically covered in their placements.

The series includes:

          1. 10 live lunch-hour sessions, 2 online sessions
          2. Supporting online learning opportunities (e-learning, video and more)
          3. Optional TED-Style Talk presentation and research poster competition

The Summer Student Learning Series consists of 10 live sessions, plus an optional research presentation and a wrap-up networking mixer, offered in concert with supporting online learning opportunities. The majority of the learning content is accessible to the learner on Cancer Campus, with the scheduled sessions serving as the core means to explore the topic with a subject matter expert and peers within the cancer program community.

Certificates & Accreditation

This set of sessions is a coordinated suite of offerings, with each session building upon and informing the next. For learners attending at least 8 of the 12 educational sessions over the course of the summer, a certificate of completion for the Summer Student Learning Series will be awarded.

The summer series is an approved longitudinal IPE learning activity, recognized as 2 Exposure Level activities, for the University of Toronto IPE program. To receive 2 Exposure Level activities students must meet the above requirements to receive a Certificate of Completion and attend the Connecting the Dots - Reflection Session on August 16th.

Summer Student Research Day

In August the Series will culminate with a Summer Student Research Symposium. This event will have students from across the cancer program presenting their work and interacting with program sponsors, mentors and other key members of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

This will give students an opportunity to harness their presentation skills, to network with mentors in diverse fields and to expand their curriculum vitae.

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