​​​​​​Principal Investigator: Dr. Marcus Bernardini​



​The inheritance of a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation increases a woman’s lifetime risk to develop both ovarian and breast cancer. Many Ontario women are not eligible for BRCA1/2 genetic testing by current Ministry of Health guidelines, despite having a family history of ovarian cancer.

The goal of the Prevent Ovarian Cancer Program​ (POCP) is to identify women with a first-degree relative (mother, sister, or daughter) who has died from high grade serous ovarian cancer, offer our participants a genetic test to identify BRCA1/2 gene mutations, and provide them with the opportunity to decrease their lifetime risk for developing ovarian cancer.

We will use a variety of media outlets to direct women to our program website. Once participants are registered and confirmed as eligible, dedicated personnel will guide all eligible participants through the genetic counselling and genetic testing process. We have secured funding to test 500 women for inherited mutations in BRCA1/2 and emerging risk genes through panel-based sequen​cing. We expect to identify approximately 50 women with clinically relevant mutations in BRCA1/2; these women will be counselled about prevention options including risk-reducing surgery. Participants will not be required to undergo surgery as part of this program.

Participant Eligibility Criteria​​
Program Objectives & Impact
​Personal stories
​​​Do you want to learn more? ​Read the Prevent Ovarian Cancer Program​ ​patient information sheet. 

For more information about this study, please visit www.preventovariancancer.ca, or email us at preventovariancancer@uhnresearch.ca​.


Who We Are

Gynecologic Oncologists

  • Marcus Bernardini, MD *
  • Sarah Ferguson, MD
  • Joan Murphy, MD *
  • Barry Rosen, MD *
  • Stephane Laframboise, MD
  • Taymaa May, MD
  • Jason Dodge, MD

Medical Oncology and Haematology

  • Amit Oza, MD *

Gynecologic Pathologist

  • Pat Shaw, MD

Genetic Counsellors, Familial Breast & Ovarian Cancer Clinic

  • Jeanna McCuaig, (C)CGC *
  • Susan Armel, CGC
  • Rochelle Demsky, CGC
  • Alexandra Volenik, (C)CGC
  • Terri Stuart-McEwan, MHS, BScN *

Scientific Associate

  • Alicia Tone, PhD * (TOCP Program Manager)

Clinical Research Assistant

  • Nicole Ricker

Clinical Geneticists 

  • Suzanne Kamel-Reid, PhD *
  • Tracy Stockley, PhD *

Psychosocial Oncology

  • Gary Rodin, MD *
  • Jennifer Schuldiner


  • Jane Finlayson *

Web and Informatics

  • Carl Virtanen, MSc *
  • Natalie Stickle, MSc
  • Qun Jin, MSc
  • Zhibin Lu, MSc
  • Abdellatif Daghrach
  • Long Dam
  • Chip Campbell
  • Greg Clarke
  • Le Huynh (U Waterloo Co-op student)
  • Cong He (U Waterloo Co-op student)
  • Tessa Alexanian (U Waterloo Co-op student)
  • Visaahan Anandarajah (U Waterloo Co-op student)

Laboratory Medicine Program

  • Brad Davis, MBA *

Strategy Support

  • Jessica Wise Blackman *
  • Caitlin Doherty

Supporting Partner

* indicates members of our Project Executive Committee

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