What to Expect at your Telehealth Appointment

A telehealth appointment is just like a regular in-person appointment, except you will see your clinician on a TV or computer screen.

On the day of your telehealth appointment, you should plan to arrive at your telehealth site at least 20 minutes early to register.

A telehealth coordinator (often a nurse) will explain what will happen during your visit and bring you to a private room for your appointment. Your clinician will also be in a private room at UHN.

Your telehealth coordinator will usually stay with you during your appointment to assist you and your clinician. Your telemedicine coordinator may use equipment such as a digital stethoscope to allow your doctor to hear your heart and lung sounds or a camera to get close-up views to allow your doctor to see in more detail.

You are welcome to bring your family with you to your appointment.

Bring a list of your questions, your medications, and any forms that are requested by your clinician.