Request A Telehealth Appointment

To arrange a telehealth appointment with a clinician at UHN, you must first become a patient at UHN. Ask your local doctor to refer you to a clinic or a specific doctor at one of our hospitals.

Once you receive a call from the clinic or doctor, ask if you can arrange a telehealth appointment instead of visiting in person. For example, a telehealth appointment may be useful for initial assessments or follow-up appointments, while some types of appointments require a face-to-face meeting. Your health care provider at UHN can confirm if a telehealth appointment would be suitable.

We will book a telehealth site, through the Ontario Telemedicine Network, as close as possible to where you live and then contact you to let you know the date, time, and location of your appointment.

If you are a patient at one of our hospitals and would like to use telehealth services to visit with your family, ask your health care team if they can help to arrange this for you.