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Our Process


​​​Patient Relations Process​Step 1

​Patient Relations receives your complaint in person, in writing, or by telephone. We make sure we understand your concerns.

If you contact us by phone, you will first speak with an intake coordinator, who will ensure you are connected to the appropriate Patient Relations Advisor. We do our best to answer phone calls right away, however, there are times when our volumes are high or an Advisor is not immediately available. Please leave us a detailed message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you may wish to write to us by letter or e-mail​.

We recommend that you first speak with those directly involved in your care to see if your concern can be resolved prior to contacting our office. Please note we are not an emergency service or on-call service.

Step 2

We explain to you how we’ll go forward in dealing with your complaint and try to find a solution. If we need to bring in other services, we’ll contact them. If we feel there’s a need to investigate, we’ll outline the steps we will take.​

Step 3

We check our facts, and we investigate. We may talk to the parties involved, review records and incident reports, and discuss matters with our health care providers and/or senior leadership, as required.

Step 4

We pinpoint the issues and try to come up with some solutions—and because every person is different and every person’s needs are unique, we are open to finding the best solution for you. We also look at whether we can do things better next time… for you and for other patients.

Step 5

We can’t guarantee there’s always a positive outcome, but our goal is to support our patients by offering respect and caring.