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How to prepare for the MAID procedure

What can I expect from the MAID procedure

MAID is given by a doctor who provides the medications by intravenous injection. The procedure will take place in a private room in the hospital. MAID is a relatively painless procedure. You will need to provide informed consent just before you receive MAID.

You will become unconscious within a few minutes of the injection. The entire process generally takes about 10 minutes to complete. Your health care team will be there to support you and your loved ones.

 How can I prepare myself for MAID

You may wish to talk with the MAID Coordinator about what you can do to prepare for MAID. This includes:

  • Who you want to be present at your death. Based on your wishes, your family, pets and others can be in the room during MAID.
  • What special arrangements, such as music, clothing, food or any bedside ceremonies you would like at your death. The hospital will try to accommodate personal, cultural and religious preferences.

 How can I prepare my loved ones (family/friends) for my death

  • Talking to your loved ones about your decision to have MAID is a personal choice. You may choose to discuss your wish to receive MAID, or you may choose to keep your plans private. However, discussing it with your loved ones may help them to understand why you want MAID and the MAID process at the hospital. This may help your loved ones feel better prepared for your death.
  • If you are concerned about your loved ones’ ability to cope with your decision and death, support is available. Please speak to your doctor about a referral or list of resources to contact for family and friend support.

How can I prepare myself for MAID​

It is hard to know how to prepare for MAID. Ask questions of the doctor or nurse who will be helping on the day. If you need extra support, speak with your health team. They can contact a member of the MAID Supportive Care Team to help you. ​

Will I have time with my loved one’s body after MAID?

You will have time with your loved one’s body when the MAID procedure is complete. Do not move the body of your loved one or remove anything until a team member tells you it is okay.​

What supports are available to me after the death of my loved one?​

The MAID Supportive Care Team or your loved one’s regular health care providers will offer you emotional and practical support following the death.​

For more information, please ask a member of your health care team.

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