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What Makes Us Special

The Adult Congenital Cardiac Clinic was the first program anywhere to care for adult survivors of congenital heart diseases (CHD), and after more than 50 years, it's still the largest program of its kind in the world. We have more than 8,500 active patients under our care, with more than 17,000 in our registry.

Watch the Golden Heart Affair 50th Anniversary video to learn more about our Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program Milestones and Innovations.

Since the clinic got started and down to work, survival into adulthood for infants born with CHD has increased to more than 90 percent, and CHD – once strictly a pediatric condition – now has more adults than children. But though their hearts have been repaired, these patients have not been cured, and adults with congenital heart disease remain at greater risk for cardiac problems, including arrhythmias, heart failure, and early death.

We have trained more adult CHD specialists than any other centre in the world. The Nevil Thomas Library offers a rich educational resource for our entire team and outside professionals.  And each week, Nevil Thomas Library tele-video conferences allow adult CHD physicians in Ontario and Halifax to discuss their difficult cases with the Toronto team.

The National Institutes of Health has called our clinic "a world model," and our adult CHD program is renowned for our long-term outcome studies, care of pregnant women with heart disease, attention to psychological aspects and end-of-life questions in congenital heart disease patients, as well as state-of-the-art adult congenital surgery and congenital catheter-based interventions.