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​Norman Urquhart (NU) Building​ – 5th Floor, in the Ambulatory Cardiac Clinic​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Hours & Contact

We offer general and specialized clinics every day of the week, and also provide 24-hour specialized coverage for urgent matters

Cardiology Clinic: 416 340 5309

Appointment Bookings: 416 340 4085
Clinic/Referral Fax: 416 340 4127

Admin/Business Contact: 416 340 4871
Admin/Business Fax: 416 340 5014

What We Do

One out of a hundred babies is born with a malformation of the heart involving the chambers, valves and blood vessels. Almost all of them grow up to become adults thanks to medical and surgical advances, as well as expert care. But most still live with a chronic condition known as adult congenital heart disease (ACHD), which needs ongoing care.

A team of dedicated specialists provides special care for the ongoing survival and quality of life of ACHD patients. Our team is able to diagnose complications and treat them swiftly with open heart surgery, as well as other interventional procedures and comprehensive care. 

 Health Information

​The Patient & Family Education Program at UHN offers valuable resources to help you understand your condition.​

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More information on cardiac and heart health:

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 Types of Care

​​​We provide care for all types of congenital heart defects ranging from the simple to the complex. Most of our patients have undergone more than two surgeries or procedures. Our team has dealt with various long-term complications such as heart rhythm disorders, heart failure, narrowed or leaky valves, high blood pressure in the lungs, liver disease, psychological and social challenges, and advance care issues. Our cardiologists and obstetricians also offer care to women with ACHD before, during and after pregnancy.

 Adult Congenital Cardiac Team

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