Referral Information for Patients

​​You need a referral from your doctor to have an echocardiogram at UHN.

When making a referral, we may ask your doctor for more information about your health which may include:

  • A letter of referral
  • Clinical notes
  • Tests, X-rays, etc.

How Long Does a Referral Take?

Usually the doctor who referred you to the Echocardiography Lab will contact you with​ your appointment time.  Call the doctor's office if you do not receive information about your appointment within a few weeks.

Referral Information for Physicians​​

​​​​​​​​​​​Urgent Refer​​ral

If your patient needs an immediate, urgent echocardiogram, please do the following:

  • Complete and fax an Echocardiogram requisition with details of the patient's condition, including the reason for urgency.
    Toronto General Hospital
    Fax: 416 340 4367

    Toronto Western Hospital
    Fax: 416 603 6766

  • You must make direct contact with the Echo Lab Booking Office to complete an urgent referral.​
    Toronto General Hospital
    Phone: 416 340 4026

    Toronto Western Hospital
    Phone: 416 603 5544

Standard Referral​​

To complete the standar​d referral process, first download and complete the Echocardi​ogram Requisition formEchocardi​ogram Requisition form PDF Icon

Once you have completed the form, fax it to the Echo Booking Office TGH: 416 340 4367 TWH: 416 603 6766

The form will be reviewed to ensure that it is complete; if incomplete, the form will be returned to you.

Our office will call you with information about the patient's appointment.

Your office is responsible for providing th​​​​e patient with the appointment information, including time and location, and important document​s, test results and imaging that they must bring.

We may ask your office to send more information prior to scheduling an appointment, including

  • A letter of referral
  • Clinical notes
  • Test results
  • X-ray, etc​.

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