The Team

​​​Medical Director: ​Dr. Peter Seidelin​

Interim Nurse Manager: Pauline Glaves  ​


Cardiologists are medical doctors who have special training in caring for patients with heart problems.

Cardiology Fellows and Medical Residents
Senior fellows and residents train by working under the guidance of experienced cardiologists.


Charge Nurse
Charge nurses help with the flow of patients entering and leaving the unit.

Nurse Manager
Nurse managers are in charge of the unit and may be contacted, by patients, about any concerns not addressed by the bedside nurse or medical team.

Nurse Practitioners
Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with advanced training. They have a Master's degree and are certified as nurse practitioners. Our nurse practitioners have special training in cardiac care. They may:

  • Ask about your health history and do medical exams
  • Order medicine and tests for you
  • Talk to you about your test results
  • Teach you about your condition and your care
  • Help you and your family plan for going home

Nursing Students
UHN is a teaching hospital. All nursing students in the unit are closely supervised by teachers and staff. Students will introduce themselves to you so that you know who they are.

Patient Care Coordinator (PCC)
The PCC helps the manager with patient care. The PCC can also be contacted with any concerns not addressed by the bedside nurse or medical team.

Registered Nurses
Our Nurses require special knowledge and experience in cardiology, arrhythmia interpretation and telemetry monitoring. Nurses remove femoral sheaths post-procedure and monitor radial clamps. A medical directive allows nurses to manage patients experiencing a sudden drop in their blood pressure or vasovagal symptoms.

Health Professions

Occupational Therapists
Occupational therapists help you become more independent in everyday activities, such as eating, dressing and bathing.

Pharmacists give you information about the medicine you are taking. They also help to make sure you have the best medicine for you.

Physiotherapists work with you to improve your strength, balance and coordination.

Registered Dietitians
Dietitians help you learn about healthy eating and what to eat for a special heart diet.

Social Workers
Social workers help you and your family plan for going home. They can help you find services in the community. They also offer counseling to help you to cope.

Spiritual Care Professionals
Spiritual care providers support patients and families of all faiths.


Patient Care Assistants (PCA)
​Patient care assistants help you with your personal care needs, such as bathing and feeding. They are staff members trained by the hospital.​

Ward Clerk
​Ward clerks provide administrative support and are typically the first person who patients meet when arriving in the unit.

Learn more about health care professional trainees at UHN​.​

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