What to Expect

How to Prepare​​​​

There is no prep required. However, to avoid harming our female patients, we ask women from 12-55 years if there is any chance of pregnancy. If there is any chance of pregnancy, then we cannot proceed with the exam until pregnancy is ruled out.​

Checking In​​

When you arrive at the Medical Imaging Department, check in at the reception desk. The receptionist may ask you for:  

  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Provincial Health Card
  • Your Mount Sinai or Women's College Hospital card
  • Your health card (OHIP card), or another form of government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or drivers license

If your appointment is at Mount Sinai Hospital or Women's College Hospital, you will need to allow extra time before your appointment to get a card for that hospital.

Before the X-Ray​

The technologist will come get you from the waiting room when it's time for your x-ray. Bring all your valuables with you. The technologist will also let you know if you need to change into a hospital gown.

If you need to change, you'll be given a gown and then sent to the changing area. The technologist will tell you what clothing you'll need to remove and show you where to wait afterwards.

During and After the X-Ray​​

The technologist will call you into the x-ray room and confirm your name and birth date, and then you'll be moved into a position for the x-ray.

You'll need to hold still while the x-ray's being taken, and you may even need to hold your breath – the technologist will let you know. But it's the same principle as normal photos – if you move, we get a blurry picture, and that won't help us in getting information from the image.

​The Results of Your X-Ray

The technologist uploads your x-rays to a computer database. Then a radiologist writes a report on what the x-rays show and sends it to the requesting physician. 

Please keep in mind the technologist can't give you the results when your x-ray is finished. Your doctor will give you the final results.

How Long Will Your Appointment Be?​

X-rays often don't take very long. The whole process can range from about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the x-rays you're having.

We do our best to stay on time. Unfortunately, your appointment may be delayed by unforeseen circumstances. We recommend that you come prepared for delays.