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What We Do

Diabetes is a serious, chronic disease. It shortens life expectancy and reduces the quality of life. Even with insulin therapy, people with diabetes sometimes have difficulty controlling their blood sugars. Taking too much insulin, missing a meal, or over-exercising can make blood sugar go too low (hypoglycemia). Effects can range from feeling tired to seizures and unconsciousness.

Over time, people with diabetes are also at greater risk for problems linked to the damage of small and large blood vessels. This includes damage to the kidneys leading to nephropathy – the foremost cause of kidney failure.

The Toronto Pancreas Transplant Program helps people suffering from long-term complications related to Type 1 Diabetes.

Learn more about the Toronto Pancreas Transplant Program.

 Our Patients' Journeys

​Three of our transplant recipients tell their stories of living with diabetes and the impact that their pancreas transplants have had on their lives.


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