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How To Get Referred

​​You need a referral from your lung specialist to receive a consultation in the Lung Transplant Clinic.

You should be at least 6 consecutive months smoke-free, and if you are over age 50, have an accompanying recent echocardiogram and nuclear cardiac drug stress test.

The referral package should also include relevant and recent clinic notes, PFTs, and any recent imaging like a CT scan. It is also good to send a copy of your CT scan films on CD.

How Long Does a Referral Take?

New referrals are usually seen in 3-4 months. You will be contacted directly with your appointment time​.  Patients from other provinces or living remotely within Ontario can be seen by Telehealth. This is a teleconference between you and the lung transplant respirologist from Toronto. It allows you to travel to a hospital site nearer your home rather than travelling to Toronto for the initial visit.

Referral Information for Physicians​

Your doctor can get all the referral information they need in our guide for referring physicians.

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