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The Team

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our team is made up of world-class health care professionals working for you and with you. Team members include staff hepatologists (liver doctors), clinical fellows (qualified physician who have completed medical school and residency in specialized fields) and residents (qualified doctors undergoing specialized training in the field of liver disease), nurse practitioner, statisticians, clinic and treatment nurses, research nurses and coordinators, administrative and clerical staff.​

Program Director, Francis Family Liver Clinic and Toronto Centre for Liver Disease​: Dr. Harry Janssen

Director, Clinical Practice: Dr. Hemant Shah

Director, Research: Dr. Jordan Feld

Directors, Education: Dr. David Wong, Dr. Scott Fung​​​

Staff Hepatologists

Nurse Practitioner​s
  • Colina Yim

    Admin: Melissa / Rachel​

    Phone: 416 340 3569

  • Elizabeth Lee

    Admin: Yvonne​

    ​Phone: 416 340 4679


Clinical Associates​

  • Dr. Joshua Juan​

    Admin: Yvonne

    Phone: 416 340 ​​4679

  • ​ Dr. Morven Cunningham

    Admin: Wanda

    ​Phone: 416 340 3929

  • ​ Dr. Navjot Deol

    Admin: Stephanie

    Phone: 416 340 4946

Clinical Fellows (2018-19)​

  • Dr. Maryam Moini
  • Dr. Fernanada Onofrio
  • Dr. Rajbir Rai​

    Nurse Manager of Liver Clinic: Ina Cherepaha-Kantorovich

    Clinic administrative coordinator:

  • Jo-Anne Hilton
  • Clinic Nurse:

  • Sharlene Camaya
  • FibroScan technician:

  • Jethro Mercado
  • Clerical staff

    • Jinny Bao
    • Myra Lee Marron
    • Rosemin Janmohamed

    Drug Reimbursement Specialist Team

    • Cathy Vo (Pharmacist)
    • ​​Sandra Yeboah
    • Ruifen Su (Pharmacist)

    • Leyung Wong