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​​​To refer your patient, please write a referral note indicating the reason for the referral. Please include the patient's pertinent demographic and contact information, OHIP number and list of current medications. Also attach copies of recent relevant investigations, including blood work and head imaging, if available. If the patient has memory problems, also provide the name and contact phone number of a family member or friend who can accompany the patient to the clinic.

Please fax your referral note to the appropriate physician at 416 340 4198. If you do not have a specific physician in mind, please fax your referral to the attention of Dr. Alastair Flint​.

Once we receive the referral, our receptionist will contact the patient directly to provide the date and time of the appointment and directions to the clinic. In the case of a patient with memory problems, we will also contact the patient's designated family member or friend. We will also notify your office of the appointment details.

A few days prior to the appointment, our receptionist will contact the patient again to remind him or her of the appointment.​

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