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We are an interprofessional team that offers both medical and complementary care to professional and performing artists and to students and staff at post-secondary arts institutions. Our specialized practitioners focus on the specific health care issues and needs of artists, providing a holistic approach to health. A subsidy fund is available to allow artists of limited means to access our centre and enjoy its resources.

We offer:

  • Acupuncture*
  • Chiropractic therapy*
  • Craniosacral therapy*
  • Massage therapy*
  • Naturopath*​
  • Physiotherapy*
  • Psychotherapy*
  • Shiatsu therapy*
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Referral to family physician

* A fee applies for this service. For the practitioner's fee scale, please call 416 603 5263.


Patients do not need a referral to visit our clinic. Please ask your patients to call us directly at 416 603 5263 to book an appointment.​

Learn more about the Al & Malka Green Artists' Health Centre​.​