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​​​​​​​A brief set of questions that may help suspect the diagnosis of EDS are outlined as below:

  1. Does the patient (or their family) have a lot of trouble with their hypermobile joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles? If so, check the Beighton Score.


  2. Does the patient suffer from easy bruising with trivial trauma and has multiple bruises at any given time?
  3. Do they have a chronic functional gut disorder or malabsorption?
  4. Do they have asthma/eczema/hay fever/rhinitis, multiple food/drug/other allergies or intolerances, itching or urticaria, or more than one autoimmune condition?
  5. Do they​ experience dizziness and headache symptoms when standing that are usually resolved by lying down?
  6. Do they feel exhausted a lot of the time, or can’t seem to think as clearly as normal?

If the Beighton score is at least 4, and the patient presents with some of the other symptoms as outlined in the questions above, a referral to the EDS clinic should be considered.

If you suspect EDS, please fill out the referral form. Once you have completed the form, fax it to 416 340 3792​. Once we have received the referral letter we will review it and contact you with an appointment and then send you a letter of confirmation with further information about the appointment. Please include the patient's contact telephone number and your email address.

Please note that due to high demand the waiting time is several​ months. Cancellations are very rare. As such it is not possible to see you urgently or at short notice.

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