The mission to save minds
Mark Krembil
Mark Krembil​

Mark Krembil, president of the Krembil Foundation, on why his family gives to brain research

You might be surprised to find the brain has traditionally taken a back seat to other research areas when it comes to funding. While the brain may be the organ that makes us tick, other important areas such as cancer and cardiac have received proportionally more funding over the years. In 2000, Mark Krembil noticed that our most important organ wasn’t getting the attention it deserved and decided to make the brain a major focus at the Krembil Foundation. Since then, the Foundation has been a major brain research donor in Canada and, Mr. Krembil says, it will keep supporting brain research as long as there is need. We asked him why he is so interested in the brain, how technology is changing the way doctors work and what his peers can do to step up their own giving.​

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