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Janet Turner
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The Canadian Concussion Centre is a 10-year program of research discovery. It has an over $25 million plan to achieve its goals and translate its concussion research into clinical care.

A Goal of $13 Million to Support the Talent and Research

$3 millionTo recruit and support a Chair in Concussion Research
$2 millionTo support the neuro-pathology analysis led by Lili-Naz Hazrati, which is critical to the project's understanding of the immediate and long-term impact of concussions, and makes this research unique in Canada
$1 million To support the neuroimaging analysis led by David Mikulis, which is critical to identifying the damage caused by concussions, any brain degeneration and create biomarkers for diagnosis of each concussion's severity
$3 million Three Fellowships to support the research – one each in neuropathology, neuroimaging and neuropsychology
$1 millionTo support a Research Manager to manage the Project
$1 million To fund the test protocols
$2 million

To recruit participants in the research and translate the research findings to sports organizations and medical professionals


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