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Education and Support Workshops for concussed individuals with persistent symptoms who have participated in the research program and for the general public were launched in 2014. The free, 2-night workshop was developed by members of the Cognitive Neurorehabilitation Sciences Lab – Toronto Rehab/University Health Network and Canadian Concussion Centre. Our goals in developing the workshop were to educate as best we can on the 'true state' of concussion treatment, bring people together with persistent post-concussive symptoms to share experiences / peer support and to provide tools that may help individuals cope better with persistent symptoms. Currently, we are offering the workshop on a quarterly basis. The Labourers'​ International Union of North America (LiUNA) (Ontario Council) is the principal sponsor of the Education/Support program of the Canadian Concussion Centre.


Attend Our Next Workshop

The Canadian Concussion Centre at the University Health Network is pleased to provide a free workshop: When Symptoms of Single and Multiple Concussions Persist:​ An Education and Sup​port Workshop .

We recently videotaped one of our workshops to enable those unable to attend in person to view. Given the length of the workshop (4 hours), we have broken it down into 4 separate videos, 2 per night, with videos 1 and 3 highlighting the education aspect from each night and videos 2 and 4 comprising a Question/Answer segment with Dr. Charles Tator each night.​

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