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What We Do

A stroke is a sudden loss of brain function. It’s caused when the flow of blood to the brain is interrupted (an ischemic stroke) or there’s a rupture of blood vessels in the brain (a hemorrhagic stroke). The interruption of the blood flow or the rupture of blood vessels causes brain cells (neurons) in the affected area to die. The effects of a stroke depend upon where the brain was injured, as well as how much damage occurred.

The Stroke Prevention Clinic has a team of experts to treat patients who are at risk of having a stroke. We also provide ongoing care for those who have already experienced a stroke to prevent this happening again and to manage risk factors. And we offer education and support for patients and their families.

 Health Information

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 What are the warning signs & symptoms of a Stroke?

The symptoms of a stroke usually develop quickly over minutes or hours and can be long lasting or temporary. These symptoms are an emergency. If they happen, call 911 immediately.

Your symptoms may include:

  • Sudden weakness, numbness and/or tingling in the face, arm or leg
  • Sudden loss of vision, especially in one eye or double vision
  • Temporary loss of speech or trouble understanding speech
  • Sudden, severe and unusual headaches
  • Sudden unsteadiness especially with any of the above signs

 Stroke Risk Factors

​Taking care of your physical health is the best way to prevent another stroke. There are many risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, irregular heartbeat, physical inactivity, smoking and obesity. If you have any of these conditions or more than one, you need to manage them. The Stroke clinic will help you identify your personal risk factors and provide appropriate management.

 Learn about the TAMS Unit

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