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Neuropsychologists conduct clinical interviews, supervise evaluations, interpret results and communicate findings to you and your doctor.

Neuropsychologists are specifically trained to understand brain function and how different disorders may affect memory, problem solving, concentration, language and behaviour. They work with trained Psychometrists and student trainees who administer the cognitive tests.

Image of Neuropsychology Program  


  • Mary Pat McAndrews, PhD, CPsych
  • Neuropsychologists:

    • Melanie Cohn, PhD, CPsych
    • David Gold, PhD, CPsych
    • Marta Statucka, PhD, CPsych 

    Neuropsychology Fellow:

    • Yael Goldberg, PhD, CPsych (Supervised Practice)


    • Taisha Chang
    • Gillian Gabriel
    • Irene Giannoylis
    • Mary Jaciw

    Neuropsychology Administrative Assistant:

  • Maathuri Thangarasa