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What Makes Us Special

​​Our Team Approach​​​

After investigating the type of epilepsy, the team will talk with patients about the best course of treatment. The most common treatment is drug therapy, which allows almost half of epilepsy patients to completely control their symptoms. But some patients may be candidates for surgery if drugs don't prevent their seizures.

Our epilepsy team is also leading the way with research into other ways of controlling seizures, such as deep brain stimulation.


Our Research​

The Epilepsy Program at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre focuses on both basic scientific research and clinical research. In many ways, we are still learning and understanding how the brain works. We have several neuroscientists who are furthering our knowledge of the brain through an epilepsy lens. This type of basic science leads us to our bedside research, where we're able to test new treatments and diagnostic tools.


Our Teaching​​

We not only teach future doctors, nurses and allied health care specialists, we provide special training for those who want to focus on epilepsy and seizures.

The Krembil Neuroscience Centre is one of the most highly respected places in the world for the training of medical professionals who want to specialize in neuroscience.