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​Urgent Referral

For urgent cases, please contact Dr. Danielle Andrade directly either by phone or confidential email defining the nature of the urgency.

In addition to contacting Dr. Andrade directly, please complete the steps listed in the Standard referral process below.

Standard Referral

To complete the standard referral process,

You will need:

  • To complete a referral form with details of the epilepsy history.
  • A copy of clinical notes, EEG, MRI, Genetic testing results, MEG, PET, metabolic tests, surgical conference and pathology when appropriate.
  • For patients coming from pediatric care, please also add a list with all other specialties​ following the patient in the pediatric system and their equivalents in the adult system, indicating whether a referral has been completed.
  • Complete patient demographics:
    • First, Middle & Last Name;
    • Date of Birth [to avoid confusion or error in reading DOB please use the following format – 03-May-99]; ​ (please ensure that the month is spelled out)
    • Health Card Number with version code;
    • Full mailing address.​
  • Please indicate if the patient's first language is other than English, and whether a translator is required.
  • Signed request for Release of Information​, with a list of locations where records may be found
  • Once you have completed the form, fax it to our office at 416-603-5768 or email it directly to Dr. Andrade's Administrative assistant at
  • Although Dr. Andrade may order additional investigations prior to the initial consultation, please note that she does not assume care for patients until the initial consultation.  Please advise your patient that we will not provide results until the initial consultation.  Patients can request that a copy of the results to be sent to your office at the time of this visit so that you can provide the results in advance.  We do not provide prescription prior to seeing patients.​

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