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​​​​​​Our Team

The Memory Clinic Team provides the complete spectrum of care for patients who are affected by a memory disorder. When a patient becomes part of the clinic, they have access to a variety of medical specialists as well as nursing and allied health care professionals. Caregivers also benefit from our services as the team provides an inclusive environment to ensure both they and the patients have the tools and information needed to manage the illness as it progresses.


Our Research

There has never been a greater urgency for the type of research we do. By 2030, more than a million people in Canada are expected to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

The Krembil Neuroscience Centre works with our affiliated research arm, the Krembil Research Institute, and with the University of Toronto to produce some of the most groundbreaking Alzheimer's research in the world.

Our researchers identified five genes responsible for late onset Alzheimer's, and we were the first in the world to use deep brain stimulation to slow the progression of the disease in a small group of patients showing early signs.

Our understanding of the brain and how it works continues to grow, and with improved knowledge we'll create and discover new treatments that will ultimately cure and prevent memory disorders.

Our Education

As an academic teaching hospital, we're also responsible for teaching the next generation of nurses, doctors and allied health care professionals who will care for patients with Alzheimer's and other memory disorders.

The Krembil Neuroscience Centre is one of the most highly respected places for medical professionals to train in order to specialize in conditions of the brain, spine and eyes. We believe this makes us strive to do better for patients and perform more groundbreaking research.