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UHN Research Operations: Research Solutions and Services

​​Critical to the success of UHN's research enterprise is a an operational core known as the Research Solutions and Services (RSS) that ensures quality infrastructure and systems for researchers.

The UHN research quality framework is founded upon policies, standards, processes and training designed to ensure data integrity, compliance with regulatory requirements and the protection of the rights and safety of research personnel and study participants.

UHN RSS teams consists of experts with experience and skills in designing and developing systems, tools and, quality programs and frameworks.


Research Operations Planning, Evaluation, Training and Technology Solutions

RSS stands out as a leader in pioneering and delivering operational services that facilitate the management, conduct and approval of bench to population-based research.

To transfer our knowledge and best practices to external clients, RSS formed MedRIST, a collaborative platform that leverages the strengths of UHN’s specialized research support services to deliver a wide range of solutions to academic institutions, research and life science institutions.

MedRIST offers expertise in knowledge transfer and capacity building including training programs, operational and safety reviews, and customized technology solutions that reduce administrative burden and facilitate policy and regulatory compliance.


Clinical Research

Our associates work with clients to promote quality in the conduct of clinical research; identify and manage risk and compliance issues in complex and dynamic environments. MedRIST subject-matter-experts offer guidance and support in the development of policies and standards, as well as internal quality audit and research integrity programs.

Research Facilities

Our associates excel at designing, building and maintaining research environments that span the full spectrum of research including office and lab spaces, relocation and renovations, equipment purchase, space audits. Our team also develops safety programs, and offers training covering all aspects of research facilities safety including biosafety, chemical and general laboratory safety.



Research is highly competitive and requires significant investment. As such, demonstrating the impact of research is important for strategic initiatives, donor relations and performance review. Bibliometrics – the quantitative evaluation of publication and citation data - is used globally to convey the performance of investigators, research teams, and institutions. These key performance data can be resource intensive to collect and verify, and biased by publication age, subject area, group size, etc. Our highly-experienced associates can prepare custom reports to demonstrate the impact of your publications relative to that of peers, using both traditional and normalized metrics. Our bibliometrics service caters to those in need of transparent, verified and contextualized data, communicated with accessible analytics and drill down capability.


Laboratory Operations

Our associates provide lab operational services, including glass washing and sterilization to help you centralize and more cost effectively and safely support your researchers.


Technology Solutions

Our team focuses on development and support of software solutions for the research community to reduce administrative burden, facilitate regulatory compliance and efficiently enable the execution of work processes.

A major accomplishment in this area is the Coordinated Approval Process for Clinical Research CAPCR®, a web-based application by which researchers can obtain all the approvals required to conduct human subjects research at their institution including the Research Ethics Board. This technology solution increases efficiency through inter-department communication regarding reviews of clinical studies and avoids duplication of work.