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We have a limited number of lockers at each of our sites. You will be provided information regarding locker locations for your hospital site. We ask that you:

  • Bring a lock
  • Share a locker with at least one other individual
  • Only use the locker while onsite to ensure that as many people as possible have the ability to secure their belongings
  • That you ask about sharing a locker with your preceptor, if you have been assigned to one
  • Check with your clinical placement unit leadership regarding possible space to secure items if there are no lockers available

Nursing Students

If you are a nursing student, lockers are clearly marked for Nursing. If there are any questions or concerns about the information outlined above please do not hesitate to contact the UHN Student Services Centre at

*Any articles left in lockers at the end of the semester will be removed and discarded.

Health Professions Students

If lockers are available for you at your site you will be informed on the first day.