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The UHN International Centre for Education™ (UHN ICE™) seeks to innovate and educate without borders. UHN ICE leverages a wide range of expertise to build educational relationships that ​will translate into high quality health care through teaching and learning. Our mission is to transform patient care through the cultivation of education leaders in the global community.​

Education Spotlight

The Personalized Learning Program (PLP™) is a fully customizable, observership-based program designed to meet learner goals and objectives. No twoPLPs are exactly the same! Through the PLP, we are able to leverage various resources and expertise throughout UHN to develop an Education Plan that meets your objectives. We work closely with host program(s) and learners to develop a program tailored for you.

Find out how the PLP can meet your professional development goals! Contact uhnice@uhn.ca for more information!

NEW! Personalized Learning Program™ in Medical Librarianship!

Join our Library team in a unique, innovative Personalized Learning Program (PLP) in Medical & Health Sciences Librarianship that will support your personal objectives and professional development goals.

At UHN, our information professionals provide information leadership to support the patient care, research and education needs of the hospital.   The team participates in numerous knowledge synthesis projects, actively supports clinical teams in their most challenging cases, trains new researchers in the intricacies of the published (and unpublished) literature, constantly reviews new resources of information, and assists in research on the history of healthcare in Canada through our Corporate Archives.

Our recent integration with the Michener Institute and its Learning Resource Centre has added another interesting facet of health professions education to the team.

During the PLP in Medical & Health Librarianship, you can learn about:
  1. Systematic review searching and other types of knowledge synthesis
  2. Information triage – searching at the point of care
  3. Clinical epidemiology from an information perspective
  4. Advanced citation management
  5. Learn the most useful databases and other resources in a hospital setting
  6. Technological solutions for hospital libraries
  7. Licensing and management of electronic resources
  8. Our clinical librarian program, attend clinical rounds and see how librarians support telemedicine based knowledge translation via Project ECHO

Additional areas of interest can be discussed. For further inquiries, please contact uhnice@uhn.ca

To apply for a PLP in Medical Librarianship, please visit the PLP Online Application


"My observership with Dr. Quereshy was an incredible experience! His ability to make his patients feel safe, his ability to teach trainees, and his time management skills are things that I look up to and will aspire to incorporate into my own career one day. This observership taught me a lot and sparked an interest in general surgery." – Observership, General Surgery
"I quickly realized the focus on interprofessional teamwork and collaboration at UHN. With the learning I attained here, I hope to develop a similar structure to enable our teams to better collaborate." - PLP, Education Leadership and Organizational Development
"I had good exposure to advanced techniques in Urology and observed excellent interpersonal relationships." PLP, Urology
"Dr. Peter Slinger has tremendous experience in my field of interest. He was patient with all my questions even when he was busy with his work. It was an honour to see him work up close." - Observership, Anesthesia


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We want to hear from you! If you are an individual or organization inquiring about learning opportunities, or if you would like to discuss a potential partnership with our Hospital and UHN ICE™, please email us at uhnice@uhn.ca.​