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Information for Clinical Learners at UHN

Working with academic and hospital partners, UHN is using a phased approach in which a gradual return of clinical learners to UHN is underway. We recognize that there may be an impact on future placements, and we will look to mitigate this as possible.

As hospitals gain stability in some areas, there may be also be new opportunities for clinical learners enrolled in academic programs to gain clinical experience in alignment with their learning goals through virtual means.

Support is available to students or by phone and email via the Education Leadership teams at each of the hospital sites, with additional resources on our Learner Assistance page.

Information for Residents and Fellows

MD Residents and Fellows

For the latest on COVID-19 please go to

Information for Clinical Preceptors/Instructors at UHN

Following the pause in clinical placements, UHN is supporting the gradual return of learners to the clinical environment after July 6, 2020.

COVID-19 Teaching and Learning Resources are available for clinical preceptors/instructors who are considering or expecting a learner in the coming months. The information is also useful to learners beginning their placement at UHN.

Information for Observerships & Personalized Learning Programs

All Observerships and Personalized Learning Programs (PLPs) at UHN are suspended until further notice. If you have a confirmed start date within March-September 2020, please do not register online. Contact your UHN sponsor directly to reschedule to a later date.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre – Radiation Medicine Summer Student Program

The 2020 Summer Student Program is suspended until further notice.

Cancellations & Changes – Research

Suspension of Research

UHN has suspended all nonessential on-site research activities. This is part of a larger effort across UHN and our peer hospitals in Toronto to limit non-essential and elective activity to focus on the immediate needs posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also being done to support larger community efforts in Toronto and across Canada of more social distancing to slow transmission of the coronavirus.

As of mid-May, planning has begin on restarting research. For more information and updates, please visit our research site.

Information for Research Participants

Should I continue to come in to UHN for my research visit?

Your safety is a priority to us. Your study team is carefully considering which visits are needed in-person, and which may be done without you coming to UHN, such as by telephone. Your study team will contact you if your visit schedule changes, or if it is best for you to not to stay home.

Please follow the self-screening guidelines for visiting the hospital: If you have a research visit scheduled and have a new or worsening cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath (worse than normal), or runny nose please call your study team to see if you should still come to the hospital.

Plan to come early if you are coming to the hospital in person. We are screening all patients and visitors before they come into hospital buildings. There may be line-ups or wait times to get inside. During the screening, you will be stopped at the hospital entrance and asked:

  • Why you are at the hospital
  • If you have any of these symptoms :
    • Fever, chills or headache
    • New or worsening cough
    • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat or difficulty swallowing
    • Runny nose, or stuffy nose without another cause (e.g., allergies)
    • Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain
    • Decrease/loss of taste or smell
    • Unexplained fatigue, malaise, muscle aches
    • Eye pain or pink eye

Is it safe to come to the hospital?

At this time, the risk for contracting COVID-19 at the hospital is still considered low.

If the situation changes, will I be notified?

If the risk level changes, your study team will contact you to discuss next steps for any appointments or your ongoing participation. You can also call if you have any questions about the safety of coming to the hospital.

Do I have to come for my research visit? What if I don’t want to?

You are not required to keep your appointment as a research participant. Your participation in a research study is always voluntary. However, there may be safety related concerns with missed study treatments or visits. If you have any concerns about your appointment, or don’t feel comfortable coming to the hospital at this time, please speak with your study team.

What if I have travelled outside of Canada over the past 14 days?

The Government of Canada is currently advising that all people who have travelled outside the country self-isolate for 14 days. However, there may be safety concerns with missed study treatments or visits. If you have travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days, contact your study team to discuss whether to come in for your visit in person.

Where can I find up to date information from UHN?

The latest information about COVID-19 can be found on our COVID-19 site: There you will find information about the hospital, as well as reliable information from the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Government of Ontario.

Successful Proposals for the COVID-19 Innovation Fund

A list of successful proposals that will help front line staff safely manage patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. This $3.25M initiative is supported by the Sinai Health System - University Health Network Academic Medical Organization, and is funded by the Government of Ontario.

List of Successful Proposals

Research Innovation Fund Details

The Science of COVID-19 Portal

The UHN Science of COVID-19 Portal provides educational and clinical resources you can trust in this time of change. 

On the Portal, you will find:

  • General epidemiology, virology and research resources.
  • Emerging Evidence: a place where you can ask questions on the science of COVID-19.
  • Resources aimed at clinicians needing to "upskill" to critical care or being redeployed to unfamiliar areas of practice.
  • Self-care aids to help you maintain wellness and resiliency during this pandemic.

Access these resources, and more, on the Science of COVID-19 Portal.

Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID-19

In the face of this pandemic and seemingly overnight, teaching and learning went virtual – and the volume of information on online pedagogy became overwhelming.

To address this information overload, the UHN-Michener library team and Clinical Education are collaborating with partners from Learning, Innovation & Research (LIR) and The Institute for Education Research (TIER) to curate relevant, reliable sources of information to facilitate knowledge synthesis and mobilization to enable all our teachers and learners to realize the best education and best teaching and learning experience.

Access these resources, and more, on the Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID-19 site.