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The Schroeder Arthritis Institute is the central hub for training and education ranging from medical and research training programs including undergraduate, post-graduate and clinical/research fellowship.

The Rheumatology Division currently has over 40 clinical and research trainees as well as fellows, including 11 in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, 9 in Ankylosing Spondylitis, 8 in Psoriatic Arthritis, 3 Early autoimmune rheumatic disease cohort, 1 in Scleroderma, and 1 Sjögren’s syndrome. The division of Rheumatology provides the largest training program for rheumatologists in Canada, with approximately 8 trainees per year registered with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons for this training. The program is highly competitive, with an average of 24-30 applicants yearly for the four entry-level spots.

Our program also supports trainees in other Royal College programs, approximately 4-6 per month, including internal medicine, dermatology, neurology and psychiatry, to gain experience and learning around the diagnosis and management of rheumatic diseases. The rotation is highly rated for its organization, educational program and quality of its teachers. Medical students also have a strong presence in our training program in the regular rotations, as well as through special summer studentships offered by the Canadian Rheumatology Association. Many of these students go on to careers in Rheumatology. Trainees from internal medicine programs and medical schools around the country come to our program as "elective" trainees, to benefit from our expertise in Rheumatology and to learn from our nationally and internationally recognized educators.

Our subspecialty clinics/research programs are a highly competitive training opportunity for international physicians and trainees. Graduates from these fellowships bring new expertise to their home countries, to further develop their own local programs while contributing to a network of collaborative ties with UHN. The Division of Orthopedics and its Osteoarthritis Research Program currently has over 50 trainees and clinical fellows, and an exceptional track record of winning national and international trainee scholarships and fellowships programs. The Schroeder Arthritis Institute is the central hub of orthopedic research and clinical fellowship providing wide range of clinical and research expertise.

Each year, the division awards 8-10 summer studentships for summer training in orthopedics/osteoarthritis research. In collaboration with the International Osteoarthritis Research Society, the division of orthopedics has also started an International Scholarship for advanced training in biomarker discovery in osteoarthritis. Osteoporosis Program currently has 7 research trainees and fellows, respectively. The Hand Program has approximately 30 trainees per year, from undergraduate medical students to fellowship level trainees subspecializing in hand surgery. The Toronto Western Hand Program sees one of the largest volumes of hand surgery patients in Canada, ranging from complex to common issues. A significant proportion of the hand surgery patients we treat have a form of arthritis, either osteoarthritis, inflammatory or post-traumatic in nature. Residents and medical students are encouraged to participate in research and annually we have residents presenting our research at national plastic surgery or orthopedic surgery meetings. The Hand Program is the upper extremity replant centre for the province of Ontario, and is the primary site for teaching in hand surgery for two divisions in the University of Toronto Department of Surgery: Plastic Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery, attracting postgraduate trainees from North America and abroad.