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​​​​In the Arthritis Program, our divisions conduct important research to assist our patients. Learn more about research underway in our:

Hand Program

Our physicians are focusing their research on the following areas:

Dr. B. Graham is investigating the diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Dr. H. Von Schroeder is researching the cell biology of osteoblast differentiation and signalling.   

Dr. D. Anastakis is examining the reanimation of the upper extremity.

Orthopedic Program​

The Division of Orthopedic Surgery plays a key role in the success of Krembil Research Institute. Striving for global impact in biomedical and health care research, our research teams work together to solve fundamental and applied research problems in musculoskeletal health and arthritis.

In partnership with the other divisions of the Arthritis Program, we are aiming to establish a longitudinal database of patients affected by osteoarthritis. This will involve collecting extensive data about patients, including demographic data and information about clinical outcomes and quality of life.

This initiative will also involve the collection and banking of blood for DNA and disease biomarkers, as well as the collection of cartilage, synovium and synovial fluid at set intervals. Once established, the biobank will be integrated with a database platform to allow for systematic study of genetic, environmental and mechanical processes that have an impact on the disease’s course, outcomes and response to treatment. The goals of the biobank and the longitudinal database are to discover the cause of osteoarthritis, develop early diagnostic tests and develop novel therapeutic interventions.

Osteoporosis Program​

We are dedicated to finding new ways to identify and treat osteoporosis. Our researchers are involved in these clinical research studies:

  • Vitamin K study (ECKO)
  • Chinese bone health study (CBHS)
  • Breast cancer prevention study (STAR)

Rheumatology Program​