About the Combined Nephritis / Lupus Clinic

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​East Wing - 1st Floor, Room 1F-835 in the Combined Nephritis / Lupus Clinic 

Hours & Contact

12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Phone: 416 603 5664 or 416 603 5894

What We Do

Our goal at the Combined Nephritis / Lupus Clinic is the integrated care of patients with lupus kidney disease. Towards this goal, patients will be assessed by a team of rheumatologists, nephrologists, and our specialized SLE clinic nurse. We have developed a comprehensive care program aimed at management of lupus nephritis and the long-term care of lupus renal patients to prevent long-term complications.​


Our guide helps you interpret and understand the laboratory tests commonly performed in the Lupus Clinic. Contact the clinic nurse with any questions at 416 603 5800 x 2895.​​​

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