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​​​​Director: Dr. Sindhu Johnson

The Toronto Scleroderma Program provides education on the scleroderma spectrum of disorders. The goal of the education arm of the program is to improve patients' lives by:

  • Strengthening knowledge
  • Promoting awareness
  • Sharing new developments in research
  • Increasing the capacity of qualified individuals to provide care

Our program provides education that can adapt to meet the needs of participants at all levels. Educational initiatives include:

  • Informational sessions for the general public and patients
  • Lectures and seminars for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students (at the University of Toronto)
  • Continuing education and faculty development for allied health professionals, family physicians, internists, medical subspecialists, and surgeons (through the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto)
  • Advanced training for national and international students, physicians and allied health professionals who wish to develop expertise in this area

Educational Opportunities

Summer Studentship offered by the Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA)
Dr. Sindhu Johnson is a member and a preceptor of the Canadian Rheumatology Association. She has supervised medical students through the Abbott-CRA Summer Studentship and the Roche-CRA Summer Studentship. Learn more about this opportunity.

Advanced Training
National and International students who are interested in pursuing advanced clinical or research training, including graduate degrees (MSc, PhD) in the scleroderma spectrum of disorders and/or clinical epidemiology should contact:
Ms. Charmaine Heath

Patient Care

Visit the Scleroderma Clinic.


Learn more about our research initiatives.


For more information about our educational opportunities, please contact
Dr. Sindhu Johnson​