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​​​​Our service covers 4 sites: Toronto Western Hospital​​​​​​, Toro​​nto General Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Mount Sinai Hospital. One staff is the "Attending" for each site for 2-week to 4-week blocks and provides teaching on a daily basis while Attending. Rheumatology subspecialty trainees ("fellows") are assigned to the Toronto Western Hospital inpatient unit and the consult service or the University Avenue consult service.

Residents and elective students rotate through our department on a monthly basis, and will generally spend 1 month at the inpatient unit or doing consults at Toronto Western Hospital or in the consultation service at University Avenue. During their rotation, they have the opportunity to gain exposure to rheumatologic problems through the inpatient ward service, consultation services and outpatient ambulatory clinics and divisional teaching sessions and rounds.

Our teaching activities throughout the week are provided to meet the needs of both residents and fellows in achieving their education objectives. Our weekly teaching activities are:

  • Radiology Rounds: These provide an opportunity to review x-ray cases and give residents an appreciation of the approach to reading musculoskeletal films and major disease-related findings.
  • Intracity Rounds: These are city-wide rounds, presented by an invited speaker or a rheumatology fellow. These provide an excellent opportunity to appreciate the breadth and depth of rheumatic disease.
  • Journal Club Rounds: Staff and fellows present 1 or 2 articles each week. All attendees are encouraged to participate in discussions around the cases being presented.
  • Mount Sinai Hospital Noon Hour Rounds: Teaching rounds for residents at the University Avenue site.
  • Toronto Western Hospital Resident's Noon Hour Rounds: Either the Toronto Western Hospital or University Avenue service team will present cases that have provoked a diagnostic or therapeutic challenge. These cases are then open for discussion.

The resident's clinical educational opportunity is enhanced by background reading of rheumatology textbooks and journals within our department. These include current editions of Koopman textbook, Primer of Rheumatic Disease and models of joints. We also house a small library of useful resources at Toronto Western Hospital. The hospital library carries the textbooks and all major rheumatology journals.

As part of the rotation, residents learn the physical examination skills unique to rheumatology, which include the examination of peripheral joints, axial skeleton, examination for tender point of fibromyalgia and muscle strength testing.

Education/Clinical Coordinator: Dr. Lori Albert

Fellows' Site Coordinator: Dr. Arthur Bookman

Administration: Eve Pereira

Nurse Manager: Olga Muir

Chief Fellows 2012/13:

  • Dr. Ophir Vinik
  • Dr. Maria Bagovich

Rheumatology Program