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2/5/2018Device keeps donor kidneys healthy outside the body until transplant
12/12/2017Largest-ever gift to a Canadian rehab hospital will support new therapies for brain-related disorders
12/11/2017University Health Network and Saint Elizabeth Health Care Open Hillcrest Reactivation Centre
11/6/2017UHN vision scientists discover potential neuroprotective treatment for glaucoma
11/1/2017Breast cancer researchers track changes in normal-looking mammary duct cells leading to disease
10/12/2017Researchers unveil the most advanced driving simulator in Canada and unique in the world, designed to study the effects of human conditions on driving
9/25/2017Renowned cancer research centres team up to find answers faster; improve patient care, outcomes
9/19/2017Transformative Gift from The Munk Charitable Foundation Propels the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre into the Future, Cementing its Role as a Global Leader in Cardiovascular Care
9/8/2017New guidelines discourage use of brain imaging  as a ‘lie detector’ for chronic pain
8/7/2017Mutation in prostate tumours shown to change epigenetic identity, the make-up of DNA
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