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Image of Peter Pisters 

Dr. Peter Pisters, UHN’s President and CEO, communicates regularly with the UHN community. To stay connected:

  • Keep up with Peter’s weekly “Looking Ahead” messages that are distributed across our nine sites of care in the GTA and to all of our Altum Health sites across the Province – see link to series below.
  • Visit the​ website for information on our organizational renewal and Areas of Focus
  • Watch Peter’s 2017 Annual General Meeting presentation here​
9/18/2017Congratulating Dr. John Dick and this week’s Board of Trustees Meeting
9/11/2017JDMI ACR accreditation; United Way campaign; and final summer BBQ 
9/5/2017Home podcast finale; TRI BBQs; and LGBTQ+ inclusivity training
8/28/2017My Leadership Transition
8/14/2017Temerty/Chang move and remembering Jack Rabinovitch
8/8/2017Home podcast; CIHR funding announcement; Canadian Nurses Association recognition; and What’s Happening Now at UHN
7/31/2017Q1 results; Funding for stem cell transplants; and Altum Health 
7/24/2017Conflicts of Interest at UHN and in the sector
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