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Fiscal Accountability

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Executive Compensation Framework

UHN has received permission from the Treasury Board to post its Executive Compensation Plan. You can read the plan by clicking the link to the PDF document containing the plan. Feedback on the plan may be submitted by using the form below.

Executive Compensation Framework  Provide Your Feedback

Fiscal Accountability at UHN

​​​​​​​​​​​UHN is committed to accountability and transparency. ​As part of that commitment, we are happy to share our key financial information with our community —​ our patients and families, our staff, and the broader public.

Sharing this information is also in keeping with the Ontario government's push towards that same accountability and transparency within the public sector — the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act and the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act.


Fiscal Accountability​ Documents


Attestation and Report on the Use of Consultants PDF icon image

Financial StatementsPDF icon image

Supply Chain Code of EthicsPDF icon image