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Special Care Inpatient Unit - Referrals

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​To submit a referral, first download and complete the Inpatient Rehabilitation Referral Form​ and the Complex Continuing Care Referral Form​.

Once you have completed the forms, fax them to 416 530 2470.

Once we receive your referral, we will review the referral to ensure that it is complete; if incomplete, the forms will be returned to you.

We will contact you to confirm the admission date and provide information about the patient's stay. Your office is responsible for providing the patient with the information about their admission and stay.


Checklist for a Complete Referral

In addition to the completed referral forms, make sure to include:  

  • Clinical notes
  • Tests, diagnostic reports and any other relevant results

If this information is not included with the referral forms, your referral may be returned as incomplete.

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