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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​who we are

Welcome to the Division of Neurosurgery at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre. Our surgeons specialize in treating patients with diseases and injuries to the brain, spinal cord and eyes. As the largest neurosurgical centre in Canada, we are world leaders in advancing patient care. Our goal is to help you and your family cope successfully with your diagnosis and treatment. We will consult with you at all stages so that you know what to expect and how to deal with each step along the way.​

Learn about your brain

Your brain is an amazing organ. Click to learn everything you need to know about your brain​

Find A Clinic

The Division of Neurosurgery offers 7 specialized clinics. Learn more about the clinic you wish to visit:

having surgery?

Our team performs some of the most complex surgeries in Canada. Find out how to prepare and what to expect during and after your hospital stay:

Meet our team

Our Division of Neurosurgery employs a world class team of surgeons and health care professionals, dedicated to providing you with exceptional care, both while you are sick, and when you are on the road to recovery.

Meet our team.

Pictured left: Dr. Michael Tymianski, Head of the Division of Neurosurgery​​​​


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