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Adolescent & Young Adult Oncology Program

​​Refer your patient to the AYA Program



We believe in the importance of informing patients about their fertility risks and preservation options.

Fertility Preservation Guidelines:

Resources for Providers and Patients:

These brochures can be printed and folded for patient distribution. They can be used to supplement conversations around fertility. Coloured copies of these brochures can be found in the Patient and Family Library. For additional copies, contact us at

Make a Referral:

  • Cancer Knowledge Network: Oncofertility Referral Network
    The CKN Oncofertility Referral Network is a nationwide platform that links patients, physicians, and fertility clinics to ensure time-sensitive needs are met in providing fertility options for young patients as they embark on treatment.
  • Mount Sinai


Exercise & Nutrition

Wellspring 30-Week Cancer Exercise Program:

This exercise program involves a comprehensive assessment by a trained Cancer Exercise Specialist who will design a personalized program for your patient. There are 4 locations in the GTA.


Psychosocial Support

Cancer Survivorship Clinical Program:

To address any of the following:

  • Survivorship Consultation: to help survivors identify their needs and how cancer may impact their energy, function, memory, work, relationship, and sex life
  • Physiatry
  • Fatigue Clinic
  • Function and Mobility Clinic
  • Wellness and Exercise Program
  • Neurocognitive Clinic 
  • Referral Form

Music Therapy:

Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care (POPC):

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