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Radiation Medicine Program

As a fully affiliated teaching hospital of the University of Toronto, the Radiation Medicine Program (RMP) has many staff who are faculty members at the Department of Radiation Oncology, contributing to the training of undergraduate and graduate students, residents, fellows and visitors from around the world. Several of our staff hold important education leadership roles at the University of Toronto and contribute to the design and delivery of innovative education programs.

Providing education and professional development to health care professionals is vital to ensuring we meet the health care needs of Canadians in the future.

RMP fosters a culture of ongoing learning by developing education courses and programs on emerging best practices, technologies and models of care in radiation medicine. We highlight these innovations at our radiation oncology rounds and seminars, which are held by videoconference with radiation medicine programs across Ontario. These include:

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RMP also offers an Accelerated Education Program (AEP) with the goal of expediting the mobilization and translation of knowledge into clinical practice. Our courses in Image-Guided Radiation TherapyQuality & Safety in Radiation TherapyAccelerator Technology and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy offer unique opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and strategies to implement the course principles into radiotherapy practice. The AEP’s Personalized Learning Program (PLP) in Radiation Medicine provides a 6-12 month intensive observation experience, where participants will benefit from an individualized, goal-oriented curriculum based on true clinical cases, plus a variety of interactive simulation-based training.

RMP also contributes to the annual Target Insight and RTi3 Radiation Therapy conferences, as well as the Clinical and Experimental Radiobi​ology Course​, which are hosted by the University of Toronto Department of Radiation Oncology. These meetings and courses build competencies and communities of practice in the modern delivery of radiation therapy.

Find out more about our education programs for undergraduate & graduate students, residents and fellows, as well as continuing education opportunities.


Radiation Therapist Research Rounds

These rounds offer an open forum for the presentation of Therapist research activities. The objective of these rounds is to regularly share practice-focused research findings and clinical innovations throughout the global radiation therapy community.

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RMP Academic Rounds

RMP rounds showcase the exceptional academic activities of members of the Radiation Medicine Program within a scholarly and interprofessional environment. These rounds are aimed at raising the standard of knowledge and practice in radiation medicine.

To view the archived video presentations, please click on the presentation titles below.​ View videos from previous years by visiting:

January 12. 2017 Forward Momentum Dr. Fei-Fei Liu
January 5. 2017 An update on geriatric oncology and the older adults with cancer clinic Dr. Shabbir Alibhai
November 17. 2016 Make Treatment Planning Great Again: A Raystation Update

Dr. Tim Craig
Jerry Roussos

October 13. 2016

A randomized trial of a shorter radiation fractionation schedule for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. OCOG / TROG PROstate Fractionated Irradiation Trial& Short course radiotherapy and temozolomide in elderly glioblastoma: a randomized trial

Dr. Charles Catton

Dr. Norm Laperriere                 

October 6. 2016 Whats NExTs for NETS? Dr. Simron Singh
September 8. 2016 Mentorship: from Troy to Toronto Dr. Jennifer Croke
Dr. Jolie Ringash
Dr. Karen Leslie
September 1. 2016                   Summer Series "Connections" - what does it mean to us?

Dr. Rebecca Wong
Dr. Doug Moseley


RMP Summer Seminar Series

The theme for the 2016 Summer Series is “Connections”.

We are fortunate to work in an environment characterized by expertise and excellence, and one in which collaboration and partnership are valued. This Summer Series will inspire new thinking on how to find synergy through novel connections. “If you want to go far, go together”; this statement is more relevant today than ever before. Connecting through social innovations, our community, government, industry, ourselves, exploring theoretical frameworks behind making connections, and training the next generation to build connections are some of the topics that our guest speakers will help bring into focus.

To view the archived video presentations from this series, please click on the presentation titles below. View videos from previous years by visiting:

July 14, 2016 Social Innovations – a view from MaRS Allyson Hewett
Senior Fellow, Social Innovation @MaRS
July 21, 2016 Training the Next GenerationJoseph Ferenbok
Director of the Translational Research Program in Health Sciences. IMS. U of T
July 28, 2016 Compassion, Presence and Resilience Training: CPR-T a novel intervention using on the job self care to enhance the well-being of oncology healthcare providersDr. Mary Elliott
Psychiatrist. Princess Margaret. Lead and Investigator: Mindfulness Training for Oncology Professionals
August 4, 2016 Building Bridges: Connections for successDr. Peter Pisters
President & CEO, UHN
August 11, 2016 Patients FirstDr. Bob Bell
Deputy Minister of Health & Long Term Care
August 18, 2016 Building Internal and External Connections in ResearchDr. Lillian Siu
Director, phase I program, Co-Director Robert and Maggie Bras and family Drug Development Program
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