​​​General Surgery Division

The Division of General Surgery at Toronto General Hospital provides comprehensive care for patients requiring surgery. A family physician or specialist will refer patients to our team of surgeons, nurses and other multidisciplinary professionals.

UHN Surgery Patient Education Binder


UHN Brochures and Pamphlets

Preparing for Your Surgery:PDF icon image


After Your Gastric Bypass Surgery:PDF icon image
English | Français (French) | Português (Portuguese) | Español (Spanish)

Exercises after Your Surgery:PDF icon image
English | Français (French) | Arabic | 中文 (Chinese)Hindi | Italiano (Italian) | Persian | Português (Portuguese) | Punjabi | Russian | Español (Spanish) | Tamil

 Lymphedema - A Possible Late Effect of Some Cancer Treatments - Are You at Risk?PDF icon image
English | 中文 (Chinese) | Português (Portuguese)


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    Information on anesthesia and anesthesiologists for the Canadians provided by the Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society.

    • American College of Surgeons

      The College has a series of public information brochures on specific clinical procedures.

    • Videos of Surgical Procedures

      This page provides links to pre-recorded webcasts of surgical procedures. These are actual operations performed at medical centers in the United States since January 2004. The videos last an hour.


    UHN Videos

    The following videos are to help you during your stay and after you leave the hospital. Please read the following terms and conditions of use carefully before viewing the videos.


    How to Use Your Feeding Tube at Home: A Step by Step Demonstration
    English​ | Cantonese | Italiano (Italian) | Mandarin | Português (Portuguese) |
     Punjabi | Español (Spanish) | Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)


    Deep Breathing Exercises

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    Planning to Go Home after Being in the Hospital

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    Incentive Spirometry

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    Leg Exercises

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    Managing Your Pain

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