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The Team

Dr. Yaron Avitzur​

​​Medical Director, Gastroenterologist: 
Yaron Avitzur, MD

​​​​​​​​Staff Physicians and Specialists

Dr. Ian McGilvray​

Liver - Intestine Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Ian McGilvray​, MD, PhD, FRCSC, Assistant Professor of Surgery

"As a liver transplant surgeon, my role is to determine whether a liver transplant can be safely and successfully carried out and to plan how the surgery will be performed. I perform the transplant surgery and remain involved in managing your surgical care during the recovery after transplant."

Transplant Coordinator​

Robyn Beechey 

Robyn Beechey, RN

"As a transplant assessment coordinator and Registered Nurse, I manage the care of all  transplant patients. I coordinate your evaluation, review and educate you and your family about your results and the different types of tests you will experience. I provide care before and after your transplant surgery. I work together with your transplant hepatologist to asses and support your progress. I am here to answer any questions or concerns about your upcoming transplant."


Sarah Ferguson 

​Sarah Ferguson, RD

 ​"As a registered dietitian, I provide nutritional information and counselling. After your transplant, I will work with you to develop a nutrition plan based on your medical history, weight, blood test results, and medications. I will recommend a balanced dietary program that meets your personal needs. Once you leave the hospital I can help you with common nutrition issues after transplant, such as high blood sugar, weight gain, or medication side effects. If you have any questions about your dietary plan, just ask your transplant team to refer you to me." 

Social Worker

Victoria Lorenzo  

Victoria Lorenzo, Transplant Social Worker​

​"As a social worker, I meet with you and your family/loved ones during the initial assessment process. I am here to provide education, supportive and resource counselling for you and your family/loved ones before and after your transplant. I will discuss emotional and practical issues with you such as: adjustment to transplant, discharge planning and coping strategies,  accommodation and transportation, drug coverage, employment and financial assistance, disability benefits, community resources, and more. I will advocate on your behalf and connect you with other agencies and institutions before or after transplant."​

Administrative Assistant

Narges Tzogas  

Narges Tzogas    

"As an administrative assistant, I schedule your appointments and tests. I am also a source of information about the donation process. While I cannot offer you medical advice, I work closely with your coordinators during the assessment and the time after your transplant, and pass along any of your concerns to the transplant team."      


Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurses

"As a psychiatric professional, we may be asked to see you during your transplant evaluation or help you cope with mental health issues that may arise while you wait for the transplant and the recovery period afterwards."