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We offer weekly rounds, and participate in the following conferences.

Multi Organ Transplant Rounds

In addition to weekly rounds held for each of the organ groups, Multi Organ Education Rounds are held every Wednesday morning to address topics of interest to health care professionals and trainees throughout UHN's Multi Organ Transplant Program. These rounds provide updates about program activities, current issues in transplantation and important matters in health care. 



Day in Transplantation

The University of Toronto Transplant Institute, in conjunction with UHN, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, St. Michael's Hospital, Hospital for Sick Children and Mount Sinai Hospital, holds an annual Day in Transplantation.

This a forum for investigators interested in transplantation to communicate their completed work, work in progress or new ideas.


Annual Regenerative Medicine Symposium (ARMS) 

The CIHR Training Program in Regenerative Medicine holds an annual regenerative medicine symposium, during which health researchers share their latest insights and discoveries in the rapidly progressing field of regenerative medicine. This 2-day symposium is structured to allow ample opportunity for participants to interact with each other and with leading experts, professors, clinician scientists and regulation and industry officials – both within the formal sessions and informally.