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In an effort to address the emerging health needs of our community and beyond, our program is dedicated to scientific research and discovery in each of our 13 program elements.


  • Research in the ethics of resource allocation and organ transplantation


  • Research in sun damage to skin

Emergency Medicine

  • Research in levels of urgency in patient care
  • Studying the development of emergency services in Ethiopia


General Internal Medicine

Family and Community Health

  • Research in medical education


  • Research in the treatment of viral hepatitis

Infectious Disease

  • Research in HIV treatment
  • Research in the prevention and treatment of malaria


  • Research in the prevention and management of chronic kidney disease and hypertension


  • Research in mood disorders
  • Research in medical and surgical liaison psychiatry

Primary Care Initiative


  • Research in the prevention and treatment of pulmonary hypertension

Spiritual Care

  • Research in non-denominational spiritual care