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​​​​​​​CFL Hall of Famer and TSN analyst, Matt Dunigan, shares his experience with concussions. Plus, find out why he’s donating his brain to Dr. Charles Tator and the Canadian Concussion Centre.


CFL Hall of Famer Matt Dunigan shares his story, donates brain


Sixth Annual Concussion Research Symposium on Saturday May 12, 2018: Our annual Research Symposium, Concussions: Cumulative, Persisting and Progressive Consequences, taking place at the BMO Education and Conference Centre at Toronto Western Hospital .This symposium is dedicated to the families of Rowan Stringer and Steve Montador, and highlights the importance of the consequences of concussions.

Keynote speakers include: Dr. William Stewart, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor (University of​ Glasgow), Ms. Katherine Snedaker LCSW, the founder of Pink Concussions, who will provide an update on the topic of concussions in women and girls and Dr. Noah Silverberg, Clinic​al Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia.

Here is the link for registration:

Don't miss our Concussion Public Forum, Concussions through the Eyes of Concussion Sufferers and Their Families, taking place the evening of May 11th from 6pm – 8pm at the BMO Education and Conference Centre at Toronto Western Hospital, 60 Leonard Avenue. Sign up at

Concussion Professorship: Dr. Carmela Tartaglia was appointed as the Marion and Gerald Soloway Professor in Brain Injury and Concussion Research on July 1, 2016, the first designated concussion professorship in the world.

Fellowship news: The Allison Project, started by Allison Haggart and her family, funded the first Concussion Fellow, a neurosurgeon, in 2012. Now, in 2016/2017, there are three Concussion Fellows at the CCC - two neurologists and one rehabilitation specialist - who have come to learn how to become concussion specialists.

Education and Support Workshops: Our free two-night workshops are geared to individuals experiencing persistent post-concussive symptoms, and their families and friends. In order to reach a country-wide audience, we plan to expand, via YouTube, postings of the sessions. Workshops are held quarterly at The Toronto Western Hospital. Learn more about our workshops.

Our Discoveries: New treatments for the concussion spectrum of disorders include psychological measures, such as mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy; pharmacotherapy, for symptoms such as headache; and new devices for screen intolerance. Other targeted symptoms include eye movement disorders, vertigo/imbalance, whiplash and neck strains, sleeplessness, and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.


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