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Are your eyes also the windows to your brain?

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Are your eyes also the windows to your brain?
Dr. Efrem Mandelcorn

​​​​​Dr. Efrem Mandelcorn is exploring whether a simple eye test ​could help detect Alzheimer’s earlier

The test takes about a minute … two minutes, tops. ​​​

Perched on a stool, face supported on a chinrest, the patient looks into the optical coherence tomography (OCT) machine. A white cross on a black background is in her field of vision, with red lines that move up and down, back and forth. Dr. Efrem Mandelcorn, clinician investigator at the Krembil Research Institute and a retinal surgeon at the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute’s Retina Clinic, directs a laser into the patient’s eye. He’s using light waves to take cross-sectional pictures of the patient’s retina and optic nerve. It’s painless, it’s simple and it’s over very quickly.​